Panoramic vistas of the Berkshire Mountains meet the artful embrace of finely crafted garden rooms.

Nestled in the Connecticut woods, this landscape and its gardens were designed to embody the owner’s passion for flowers and the timeless charm of English Garden Style, harmonizing formal elegance with the allure of naturalistic landscapes.

  • Formal Garden with reflecting pool
  • Flower garden
  • Walled kitchen and herb garden
  • Greenhouse with associated cut flower garden
  • Designed woodland featuring native plants
  • Oval pond
  • Private residence
  • Salisbury, Connecticut

Project Outcome

Perched on a commanding hillside, this residence boasts breathtaking views of the Berkshire Mountains. The property is adorned with a collection of finely crafted garden rooms, each exuding its own level of exuberance and adorned with sophisticated plantings. The formal style adjacent to the house gracefully transforms into more naturalistic gardens, seamlessly merging with and enhancing the beauty of the surrounding landscape.