An urban oasis for learning and play

Robinson Anderson Summers Inc. (RAS) collaborated with Purdy O’Gwynn Architects to design a new school complex for The Philadelphia School (TPS). The Early Education Center features four ground-fl oor classrooms for preschool and kindergarten students, a landscaped play court, and new on-site parking. The school is located in an urban setting, and the design team was tasked with providing students with direct access to gardens and green play spaces, creating a “country classroom in the city.” RAS worked with TPS faculty to design abeautiful and functional outdoor space


• An open yard for gathering, building, and planting
• Quiet spaces for exploration
• An area with raised beds for growing fruits and vegetables
• Nooks with benches for quiet play

Outdoor play and learning areas

The design team and school are particularly proud of the ecologically sound aspects of the complex, incorporating stormwater best management practices, environmentally friendly building materials, and low energy lighting fixtures and controls. Garden plantings are designed to reduce the urban heat island effect, improve air quality, and create habitat for birds and insects.
The new building has been awarded a LEED Silver certification.