Site design enhances the balance between the natural and built landscapes.

In collaboration with ForeSite Associates, RAS prepared the design of this 50-acre campus for students ages 5-14.

The site design is based on a sequence of outdoor spaces that respond to the architecture and offer opportunities for both play and learning throughout the campus.

  • Nature Play
  • Native Plantings
  • Wilmington, DE.

Outdoor play and learning areas

Careful consideration was given to pedestrian circulation. At the main entrance to the building, an ecological pool with lush plantings is fed by collected stormwater from the building’s roof. New play equipment and nature play opportunities were introduced along the woodland edges of the campus to create varied play experiences. Boulders from the site were incorporated in various ways: as seating for an outdoor amphitheater, as part of a cascading stormwater management system, in play areas and in the foundation structure of an outdoor deck. The use of native plantings enhance the campus bucolic aesthetic.