Stepping into the Conservatory is like being gently plucked from the ordinary world and entering a lush, captivating marvel, amidst a vibrant tapestry of exotic plants.

Representing the climax of Lewis Ginter’s Central Garden Complex, the 55-foot domed Conservatory and Sunken Garden completes the Main Axis of the garden. RAS was charged with designing gardens of the Main Axis and the Conservatory exhibits that are unique to each of the four houses.

  • Palm House
  • English Cottage Garden
  • Subtropical Garden
  • Special exhibits house
  • Curved planted stone walls
  • Cascading water features
  • Unique spiral limestone wall with a pool and water jets
  • Palms and other tropical exotic plants
  • Thatched Tudor cottage


RAS undertook the task of crafting distinctive gardens along the Main Axis, as well as creating individualized Conservatory exhibits for each of the four houses. These exhibits were meticulously themed to accentuate the specific plant collections, promising an exhilarating and captivating experience for visitors. The imaginative designs embrace the sumptuousness of materials, adding an extra layer of refinement to the overall display.

  • 15,560 square-foot conservatory
  • Plantings of orchids, bromeliads
  • Palms and other tropical exotic plants
  • Specialty shows
  • Elaborate container plantings